Getting you through whatever the universe throws your way.... one story at a time.
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When it all goes down...we make it WERK.

Bringing you the laughs you need in a time you really fucking need it.

Who We are

What We Do

L Train Down is a New York based
production company and creative collective.

 Founded in 2016 by Ricky Dunlop and Josephine Huang,
L Train continues to grow with each collaboration, constantly influenced and inspired by
 new artists, fresh voices, and diverse points of view.

We at  L Train Down are all about finding the
comedy and highlighting the absurdity
in our modern, complicated world.

From comedy sketches and webseries, to film and tv shows, we aim to capture the humor and relatabiilty in the current situations that affect us all. 

Because in these crazy times, a little laugh goes a long way.

Josephine Huang (Co Founder)

Ricky Dunlop (Co Founder)