Getting you through whatever the universe throws your way.... one story at a time.

(A La La Land Parody)

Here's to fools who dream. 'Blah Blah Land' captures the magic of 2017's most polarizing film through a humorous lens.

Join Emma, an overweight yet relatable aspiring L.A. actress, and Ryan, an entitled White savior of jazz, as they strive to preserve their love while minute obstacles become insurmountable. Featuring instant classics like "Traffic is Bad" and "Blah Blah Blah Blah," this musical parody will take you on a journey through the city of stars.

Written by: Ricky Dunlop
Directed by: Josephine Huang
Cinematography: Ben Yannette
Sound: Maxime Graftiaux
Editing: Kayla Sklar

Starring: Graydon Long, Ricky Dunlop, Jimmy Brooks, Elyse Brandau, Rusty Van Riper, Sade Namei, Josephine Huang

Featuring: Tina Hart, Matt Sternberg, Steven Nash, Adriana Jones, Hollie Zegman