Getting you through whatever the universe throws at you.... one laugh at a time.


A Comedy Series
Created by Ricky Dunlop and Josephine Huang

Currently in development.
A group of millennials living the dream in their newly acquired Bushwick loft realize that "#adulting" is BS in a world where no one really wants to grow up. With a revolving door of roommates, lovers, jobs and countless mishaps, the only consistency they have is each other.

Bushwhack was inspired by the real New York City living experiences of creators Ricky Dunlop and Josephine Huang. Over a span of six years, starting in their early twenties, the creators amassed well over twenty roommates, short-term sublessors and couch crashers in their charming, bohemian East Village apartment. A hot place to party due to its private roof deck, their pad would bring lots of different personalities together to yield fun, drama, romance and life lessons.