Getting you through whatever the universe throws your way.... one story at a time.

Co Created, written by, and starring: Josephine Huang and Veronique Ory
Produced by: Ricky Dunlop and Josephine Huang
Cinemetography: Joey Wang
Director: Marco Coppola
Official IMDB Page:  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4041144/

"Common Ground" follows the story of BEA and LIA -- two very different girls from two very different places -- whose lives come crashing together and flipped upside down after a Craigslist housing scam. The story traces the girls' journeys as they each try to find where they may - or often humorously may not-fit in amidst the whirlwind of opportunity, disappointments, relationships and unexpected twists and turns of being a twenty-something in New York City. Along the way, some truly wonderful and wacky people come into their lives, and everyone, despite their many differences, somehow finds common ground.