Getting you through whatever the universe throws your way.... one story at a time.


A Comedy Webseries
Created by  Josephine Huang and Kira McCarthy

In development for 2018-2019

Despite an Ivy League resume and history of achievement, Mia just can’t seem to make life in the real world work. After an unexpected medical bill plummets her into debt, she decides to commodify her intelligence and talents… by selling her coveted, highly educated, Asian eggs. What she doesn’t realize is this decision is about to turn her world even more upside down in ways she never could have imagined.

As women, we have observed that when we admit the dirty little secret that we are not interested in having kids, it almost always elicits the response: “Oh, you’ll change your mind someday.” The person volunteering this sage advice could be a close friend or just a stranger at a party who thinks that my uterus and what happens there is their business.  We have found that for a generation that is all about “love yourself,” it’s still frowned upon by many to choose yourself over a baby. 
Kira was working at a women’s health nonprofit on a partnership with a fertility clinic. For someone who never wanted her own biological children, she was surprised by how the process of engineering a child both fascinated and disturbed her. You’re choosing the best parts of a stranger to make up half of your son or daughter. But how can you assume that that’s what you’re going to get? And, that the donor didn’t lie in their evaluation?
In her early 20’s struggling to find the balance between creative work and paying her bills, Josephine briefly pursued egg donation…as a freelance gig. Between listings for regional theater auditions, an ad in Backstage magazine caught her eye: “Help other women get pregnant! Make $10,000 donating your eggs!” She didn’t really care about helping other women get pregnant, but $10,000 sounded pretty sweet. She went through the psychological evaluation at a clinic and was creeped out by how persistent they were. They called her three times in one week telling her she was a match. It felt like a bad dating service. So, like a good millennial, she ghosted them. 
The conversation about our identity as women, if we choose not to have a baby, as well as our experiences in the egg donation world were the impetus for creating Scrambled. Because what else do you do with your traumatic experiences and all that extra time not spent raising a small human? Make some art.

- Kira and Josephine